New Program for the Records Storage & Information Management Industry

Oswald Logistics Insurance is pleased to announce the launch of our new insurance program customized solely for the Records Storage & Information Management Industry. Through the combined efforts of our firm, current RIM business owners and with the blessings of Jim Booth and the leaders of PRISM this program provides all of the necessary specialized coverage’s needed to cover the unique exposure of your business.  

Just as you protect your family and future earnings by purchasing life insurance on yourself; wouldn’t you want to protect the future earnings of your business?

That’s the premise behind our innovative new product, Storage Legal Life. Not only will this product protect your “legal liability” (per your Customer Storage & Service Agreement), but it will also cover your loss of Gross Revenue for an extended period of time that you determine. This coverage is a much more effective/industry specific version of “Business Interruption” coverage.

For more information on the Storage Legal Life product please click the links below for access to our featured article in the Storage & Destruction magazine plus a detailed Webinar further explaining the coverage’s of this product.

To round out this program Oswald Logistics Insurance will be launching a new E&O product done exclusively for the Record Storage industry (formal announcement to follow). With the recent creation of the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act – HITECH, you’ll want to stay tuned to how our new E&O will appropriately cover your business. 

To learn more about any of these new programs please contact Oswald Logistics Insurance today. We look forward to the opportunity to be of service!

Written: 4/20/09

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