New Auto Insurance Program for the Courier Industry

Cleveland, OH – Oswald Logistics Insurance, a leader in providing economical insurance solutions to the messenger/courier industry, is pleased to announce another brand new auto insurance program designed specifically for the courier industry. This new program was created to address the constantly expanding and evolving Courier Industry, by utilizing both Commercial Auto and Truckers coverage forms, as well a more flexible rating structure.

This innovative new program is underwritten by an A.M. Best Rated A- XIV insurance carrier with nationwide capabilities.  Coverage is available for courier owned auto liability and physical damage whether your company utilizes private passenger, light, medium, or heavy vehicles.  Non-owned & hired auto liability is also available either in addition to the owned auto liability or on a standalone basis.  The insurance carrier offering this program relied on Oswald Logistics Insurance’s expertise in the courier industry to structure the program to provide the best possible coverage and pricing. 

To find out more about this new insurance program, contact a member of the Oswald Logistics Insurance Team today!

Oswald Logistics Insurance, located in Cleveland, OH, is a specialized group of insurance professionals dedicated to developing tailored solutions for the messenger/courier and related industries, including trucking, warehousing and record information management.  Please contact Jeff Ice, Bryan Ice, Brian Jungeberg, or Bryan Paulozzi at (877)862-4755 for more information.

Written: 4/17/09

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