The Lights are on but No One's Home

I moved from my apartment on April 30th. I called the Illuminating Co. to have my service turned off as of April 30th. Mid-May I received a bill from them for the apartment for the month of May. Confused, I called them to explain that I canceled service on April 30th and I should not be charged for any activity in May. The customer service person explained “well, you name is on the account. You called back on May 1st to have it reinstated”. I most certainly did not. I have come to find out that the woman that rented my apartment after me lost her job the day after she forced us out of our apartment early. She called the Illuminating Co. and had it put back into my name. I proceeded to ask the customer service person how it is possible that someone else can call and put service in someone else’s name?! After speaking with her manager, she said that all charges would be taken off my bill and I would be refunded the overpayment. Last week I received another bill, the same amount, with April dates on it. The fight continues…

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