“Indaklub pays off on the radio”

By Jen Walker

While participating in our company’s self proclaimed fitness group “InDaKlub” we hold weekly meetings to discuss workouts, recipes and sound off on health topics.  A few weeks ago we all broke out into groups to take a quick quiz regarding health related topics.  One of the questions presented was “The average kid will eat how many peanut butter and jelly sandwiches before they graduate high school.”  We all knew the number would be very high, but no one expected it to be 1,500!

                The following week, I kept tossing and turning all night, waking up in and out of sleep and just feeling restless. I finally decided to go down stairs to grab a glass of water and head back up to bed. The morning radio station Tim and Leann for 99.5 WGAR was on.  I finally drifted off into a light sleep when I was woken by this random question to win a prize: “The average kid will eat at least 1,000 of these before they graduate high school”.  My eyes instantly popped open because I knew the answer! I jumped out of bed and dialed the number wrong….and wrong again…but finally dialed it right! With no hope that I would ever get through or win a radio contest at 5:30 in the morning the phone actually started to ring through!  What seemed to be a lifetime, about a minute later the intern at the station picked up to ask if I knew the answer. I stated peanut butter and jelly and finally won something! I was right! I was on the radio excited that I finally won something.  Talking with Tim and Leann they asked if I was a mom and I said no but that my work has a fitness group and we just had this question asked of us last week.  I told them all about International Excess and how InDaKlub was responsible for my winnings! 

                Thanks to a quick quiz a week prior, I won Indians Vs. Orioles tickets for April 16th.  But not only are these just baseball tickets….they are in the Legend Suite with Tim and Leann from the radio station AND the one and only KIXS BROOKS from Brooks & Dunn.  One of the greatest duos in country music. 

Thanks InDaKlub!!!!

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