A self-proclaimed type “Z”

By Cathy Thurber


I saw a video today of some skiers that cliff- jumped.  First off, let me say these guys are nuts.  Certifiable.  Then again, I’ve never been bitten by the adrenaline bug.  I’ve always been one to play at team sports, like softball – maybe with a little dancing thrown in.  Preferably there is no dancing while in the middle of a game, though.

However, these guys went down a steep hill so fast I wasn’t sure how they could figure out where they were going.   Turns out it was right over a mind-bogglingly huge cliff.  I nearly had a heart attack watching them drop to the ground so far below, until I realized that they had parachutes.  The kicker was when they turned around you could see the avalanche that had been at their backs go over the mountainside.  Yeah, that’s not something I plan to do anytime soon.

That got me thinking…..who are these people, these adrenaline junkies?  Are they all Type A personalities?  Maybe that’s why I’m not one….I’m more of a Type Z personality.  As in, zzzzzzzz.  Give me a good book and a couch with some quiet surrounding me and I’m in heaven.  Let me sleep in on the weekends and I’m ecstatic.  A nice, leisurely walk in the park brings me peace.  And yet, I do so love to watch those adrenaline junkies.  Shaun White is one of my favorite people to watch.  Anytime I can catch him snowboarding on TV, I’ve got it on.  He drives himself to be the best, always improving his tricks and creating new ones that are unmatched by the competition.  The man is incredible.

It’s important that we type Z’s have the type A’s in our life.  Even if we just live vicariously through them on the TV.  Their drive is what pushes the rest of us to go out and try something new.  So this year, along with playing some co-ed softball, I’ll be adding horseback riding into the mix.  It may not be sky diving or cliff jumping on skis, but it’s a new thing for me to do.  My drive may not be anywhere near a Type A (at least, not yet) but it is an increase in my inner speed limit.

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