American Express — customer service NOT at it's finest

It’s said that a satisfied customer will tell one other person about their good customer experience but a dissatisfied one will tell 10. Well I am an over achiever. I am happy to update everyone on the Amex is an A- hole campaign. Although it was s low start it seems to be picking up momentum. I have been able to recently reach over 120,000 people direct through email. The blog post is slow to pick up but with more exposure I am certain I will reach more people. Its been an amazing process to watch these idiots stumble all over themselves. American express idiot brigade has said they would look into the issues but never seem to be able to get back to us. It’s not the mistakes they make but the way they handle it. This is a company that doesn’t have to care. Maybe people should start to realize where the real thieves in the business world are. Its these monopolistic credit card companies. They don’t have to care because good old capitalism is not at work. Perhaps we need to consider a movement to disband these giants and break up their tyrannical hold on the finances of the American consumer. When was the last time you saw a credit card company go after the thieves for stealing? They don’t care because they don’t have to because the American consumer pays the price through fees and finance charges. So next time your credit card company says “this is for your protection” tell them “the American consumer needs protection cuz were bending over and takin it from you”.

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