Service Worth Smiling About

In a world of customer abuse by  monopolistic airlines there lies a bright spot and I found it today. A hidden glowing ember of customer service from days gone by. A ray of sunshine so blinding it makes you remember why we should have faith in the actual people that work for these struggling companies. Angela and her lead at Delta Airlines made the worst travel nightmare into one of the best customer experiences a passenger could have. Its irrelevant as to  what our problem was because the relevance lies in how they resolved the problem and the attitude they did it with but in nutshell a nameless other airline called Continental (oops) cancelled our flight from Las Vegas to Cinci. Angela and her lead worked feverishly to get us another flight and worked directly with the other airline to transfer the ticket. Their attitude was remarkable they were patient and helpful but what struck me most when asked how long they had been with Delta Angela said two years but when asked how she liked it she said” I love it here and would work here for free” then laughingly said “don’t tell my boss” who was next to her but then her boss goes on to tell us how she loves it there and how Delta treats them so great. After we left the counter I couldn’t believe what I just heard. Unexpectedly Angela shows up at the gate and since my wife and I were not sitting together arranges with the other passengers to make sure we are sitting together but no it doesn’t stop there she was so efficient in getting the plane loaded that we left early. As we were sitting in our seats taking off I couldn’t think how important it is to treat your employees well because that’s how they will treat their customer.

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