Big Brother is real?

By Cathy Thurber

I was never one for government conspiracy theories.  I do believe that we actually landed on the moon – and that it wasn’t a movie set.  I do think there’s probably other life “out there,” but I’m not sure that there are tons of alien bodies hidden in Area 51.  I have never truly thought that the government was “big brother” watching every move we make….that it was just something in the movies.  However, I am now starting to wonder if Big Brother rings true.  Have you heard about the new White House plan to track and tax your mileage?

Yes, folks, there is a new tax scheme out there that pictures the government using tracking devices which can be put on your car to tax how many miles you drive.  I heard this yesterday and actually had to rewind my live TV in order to hear it again.  What is someone up on that hill thinking?  They want to track how many miles I drive….and if I drive over a certain allowable amount, tax me?  Really??  I’m sorry – the $4 a gallon gas just wasn’t enough, apparently.

To the White House and anybody in Congress that supports this plan:  I don’t care if you need help funding your transportation.  Find another way.  Here’s a thought – have Congress take a pay cut.  Or they can pay the same thing everybody else does for their health care.  Maybe that would save money.  But putting a tracking device on a person’s car is just going too far.  What’s next – only allowing me to drive within a certain state and then automatically withdrawing funds from my account if I cross state lines? 

I understand that this was probably just a proposal making its way around the administration.  But the fact that someone actually thought enough of a plan like this to even put it in writing astounds me.  Maybe all those conspiracy theorists were right.  Maybe Big Brother does exist….and he’ll be wishing he could tax my car ride to Florida next week.

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