Teens are missing out! (Thanks to Social Media)

By Jen Monroe

I was just reflecting with a group of friends recently about how different our weekends would have been had we had cell phones and social media when we were teenagers. At the ripe age of 16, so excited to finally have my freedom—my own set of wheels, I spent my days and evenings driving around my small town looking for my friends and something to do. That’s right, we actually went places to meet up with people face to face, to come up with plans for the evening. There was something about playing “Where’s Waldo” with my friends around town that made our evenings exciting.

Today all I have to do is check my Smartphone for a Foursquare post, a Facebook update, or a tweet from a certain location, and I know what’s going on and where everyone is. There’s no chase—no mystery to our evenings, everything is just all laid out for us. Whatever happened to writing notes in study hall? Explaining where and when you’d be somewhere for the evening? I bet the handwritten note has gone by the wayside—which is quite the shame, I still have all of mine from Jr. High/ High School. Reading them now is like a hilarious time capsule.

Though things are far more convenient now, (especially with gas prices being as high as they are), I feel like teenagers are missing out on the fun of the unknown. Not having our days and nights completely mapped out online forced us to get creative, to go with the flow and make decisions as a group. I understand that times and technology change, but sometimes I wish things would just slow down a touch. I know personally, I wouldn’t have changed my teenage years to have a smart phone for anything.

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