Road rage won’t get the best of me

By Jen Monroe

Today around 8 am, I was driving through my usual morning traffic, as people were merging; I had the pleasure of being given “the bird” by another driver. Years ago, I would have probably upped my road rage, and either flown it back, or shouted some obscenities so the other driver could read my lips full of anger. I refrained from either, and just went on my merry way. Why didn’t I do that this morning, you ask?

I learned an important life lesson a few years ago regarding my road rage.  Someone once asked me, “why do you let driving make you angry?”  My initial answer to this question was “all other drivers (besides me, of course) are idiots”! When I really sat down and thought about it, I realized that I had no reason to get so angry. 90% of the time, I am acting like I am in a hurry… but in reality; I am in a huge rush just to make it home. If I were driving in an emergency situation, maybe I’d have a better excuse to feel so rushed and angry at fellow drivers. I try to remind myself “where’s the fire”?

I’ve come to the conclusion, that yes, other people drive like idiots, but as long as I am safe in the end, why get all worked up about it? It’s not like the other driver can even see me or feel my anger. In the end, the jokes on me, with my adrenaline pumping and no one to take it out on but myself. With the overwhelming amount of news stories being written today about people “snapping” and using violence as the source to problems, I think it’s best, and safest, to keep my thoughts to myself. After all, you never know WHO is driving that car that you’re giving the bird to.

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