Enjoy the Autumn Holidays

By Cathy Thurber

I love autumn.  Not just for the football or the fabulous smells, or even for the stunning foliage.  I love fall because I enjoy the holidays.  Yes, Halloween and Thanksgiving are two of my favorites.  Halloween, with its sense of fun and, of course, candy, always delights me.  Thanksgiving – a time for Americans to remember our struggle to become a country – is a melody of warmth, memories, and comfort food.  So, when I see Christmas decorations shoving Halloween out the door well before October 31st, I get a little grumpy.

That’s why I was so glad to see Nordstrom publicly announce that they would not be decorating for Christmas until after Thanksgiving.  Finally!  A store that has heard my cries!  I have spoken to a lot of people who are tired of seeing Christmas decorations so early.  And, while I LOVE Christmas music, I don’t want to hear it day in and out – at least, not until my turkey is being used as leftovers the next day.  Why is it that Thanksgiving is a holiday to be pushed through and forgotten before it happens?  Why do I have to have my Halloween candy on the shelf across from the pre-lit Christmas trees?  When did the Christmas season overwhelm everything?

People:  shop early for your gifts if you want.  Put items in layaway in October if it helps.  But don’t let the December holiday encroach into your autumn celebrations.  Enjoy the kids dressed in their Halloween finest who come to your door.  Decorate in falls’ finest colors.  Eat your turkey and gravy with mashed potatoes.  Remember to be thankful for this great nation and all of your friends and family who make it so wonderful.

And on Black Friday, enjoy the sights and sounds of the upcoming Christmas holiday, knowing you have a full month to take in every bit of Yule-tide cheer.  We truly don’t need more time than that.

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