Gone Fishing…

By Ken Kukral

Before this beautiful Autumn gets away from me, I am taking the time for a little fishing trip.  Down to the Chagrin River for some steelhead fishing with my brother, a couple of his friends and fishing guide.  (I didn’t know they had fishing guides here in Ohio, but I do now).  Hoping my hip waders don’t have any holes in them…. Only time will tell.

So what does all this have to do with Insurance?  Absolutely nothing.  As I cracked the half century mark this year I figure I am in the first year of the second half of my life.  I hope to enjoy it even more than the first 50.  That won’t happen unless I make it happen.  I can still vividly remember the camping trips my family took every summer for two weeks.  Must have made an impression if I can remember back 30 and 40 years and still retell the stories, like they were yesterday.  I do regret not doing these with my kids.  We had fun but I am not sure how many “life experience moments” we had.  How many stories would they have to tell their kids when they talk about growing up?

Not to get all nostalgic on you but I am learning to enjoy life, realize what is truly important and spending my time in a more fulfilling fashion.  Hoping this adventure will spawn a few stories and provide for a great day.

I will do a follow up post with pictures and a couple new recipes I am going to try out if we catch anything.  If the guide is any good I will let you know about him too.

Enjoy your week and may all your renewals bind early…  Now where did I put my fishing license?

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