Memorial Day is Every Day

By Cathy Thurber

Memorial Day has passed us by this year.  Did you stop to take the time and remember those who served, or currently serve, our country?

I always try to take a moment and think about my family members that have put themselves out on the line for my safety.  Who have left our great country and gone abroad in order to handle crises elsewhere.   Or even those who have served while remaining stateside.  My grandfather was in the Army Air Corp back in the 1940’s…..this was what the Air Force became.  He served near the end of World War II and always said that it had made him a better man.  My Uncle Rick was a Marine in Vietnam.  He never would talk about his experiences around others.  It was just that difficult.  My mother always said he left for the war as a boy and came back a man.  Both of these fine gentlemen have passed away now and I miss them terribly.  Whenever I think about them I quietly thank them for their service because I know it was an important part of their lives.

My nephew is now in the National Guard.  As I write, he is at Basic Training and, in fact, just finished his 13 mile march yesterday.  I remember him as a little boy, so precious and precocious, and now I see him slowly turning into an amazing young man.  He is not only in the National Guard, but attending college and keeps a solid GPA.  I’m so proud of him.  And I know that he is ready to serve his country when he is asked.  It’s not just a job….it’s a dedication.  It awes me, the depth of servitude that these men and women have running deep within their core.  I am humbled by it.

I hope that you remembered to think of our soldiers, old and new, this year.  And truly, I hope that you remember them every day because their sacrifice is worth so much more than just one day a year.  They are deserving of our remembrance daily.  My love, prayers, and thanks go out to each one.

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