By Cathy Thurber

Gratitude:  a feeling, emotion or attitude in acknowledgement of a benefit that one has received or will receive.

I was watching SpongeBob with my son the other day (yes, I said SpongeBob) and he was singing about having an “attitude of gratitude.”  I thought to myself what a wonderful lesson that is for everyone to be reminded of.  How many of us forget to be grateful for the things in life that keep us going?  And not only the big things, like your family, health, friends, the job you have (even on those days you want to pull your hair out).  What about being grateful for the little things in life that just get you through that bad day – the day when you can’t find anything big to be grateful for?  Hey, I was actually grateful for a hot slice of pizza once because I was cold, hungry, and had a hard day.  That one piece of pizza made everything else fade away in that moment.  Some days, it really is the small things that matter, when that’s all you can find.

Not only should we remember to be grateful for what we have, SpongeBob also reminds us that we should make it a habit.  A daily thing that we do for ourselves and for others.  Let those people you care about know that you are grateful to them!  It will give you a good feeling to tell them how they mean to you, and it will surely give the recipient a warm, fuzzy feeling.

So, try to be like SpongeBob…adopt an “attitude of gratitude” in your daily life.  Be thankful for all you’ve been given and make it a habit to use it every day.  As the cute, yellow sponge sings, “I’m grateful for the life I am living, who knows how long I will have it.”  And isn’t that the truth?  That square dude hit the nail on the head with that one.  Rock on, SpongeBob.

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