Word Play

By Cathy Thurber

It’s my birthday.  So, I’ve decided that I’m not going to write anything too thought-provoking this week.  Instead, I’m going to write about something I love – words.  Yes, we all know how much I love the English language.  It’s a heavy burden to bear when you love words and enjoy correcting grammar.  Usually I just correct everyone else and leave my own mistakes alone.  J

I was talking to a friend the other day about writing a column on words that sound funny.  I won’t mention the word I thought was funny, as it would probably get me in trouble.  That made me think of another friend of mine that has particular words she cannot stand to hear and most definitely would not even utter.  Words started popping in my head (Not voices….words. Just to clarify).  So, here are some words that make me giggle…..or give me the shivers when I hear them.

Splurge – I know.  It’s not a bad word or even a word that most people use.  However, my mother used it ALL THE TIME.  I cannot stand hearing this word and try very hard not to use it.  It makes me think of people spitting food out of their mouth when they say it.  Yuck.

Shih Tzu – I cannot say Shih Tzu without giggling.  I know I’m as bad as a 10 year-old on this one, but it’s just too darn funny.

Moist – I’m actually throwing this in there for my friend as it’s one of her hated words.  However, say it over and over and it just starts sounding weird and conjuring up images you may not want burned into your brain.

Phenomenon – If any of you have ever watched the Muppets, you may understand why this makes me crack up.  All I can think of is them singing “Manamana” (doo doo doodoodoo).  Now I won’t be able to get it out of my head!

Slacks – Just an all-around bad word.  Who wants to be seen in something called “slacks?”  Awful, just awful.   Please, wear jeans or pants (even trousers!)  – never slacks.  *shiver*

Snorkle – I’m showing my age here, but this brings back memories of Tim Conway ad-libbing about Siamese elephants that are joined at the trunk.  The elephants couldn’t make their usual trumpeting sound….instead they could just go *SNORK*.

Like – Simple, right?  How overused in the teenage vocabulary!  I mean, like, it’s just so, like, hard to come up with a sentence when you, like, can’t always think of the right word to use.  It’s like, OMG!    (To be fair, my sentences can be peppered with this word, too….I always blamed Shaggy from Scooby-Doo for getting me into the bad habit.)

Onomatopoeia – Since I learned this word in 8th grade it’s been one of my favorite words to say.  Just rolls off the tongue – at least off mine it does.  For those wondering what this means, it’s a word that imitates its sound (meow, honk, boom).  Didn’t think you’d learn anything off this blog, did you?

Uranus – Enough said.

Have a wonderfully verbose day!

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