Be My Valentine

By Cathy Thurber

Valentine’s Day is coming up next week – are you ready?  Have you bought something for your significant other?  I don’t know about you, but I usually wait until the last minute to do anything.  While I think Valentine’s Day is a lovely holiday – one to remind your other half (or even your kids!) how much you love them – it’s never up at the top of my list.  Probably because I’m still in a Christmas money coma at that point.  However, if I had the time and money to do what I wanted for Valentine’s Day, I would more than likely have a wonderful card and a gift for my hubby.  It doesn’t even have to be something huge and expensive….I mean, the man would probably be ecstatic over a package of good beef jerky for crying out loud. And then we’d have an entire night to ourselves to do whatever we wanted, even if it’s just lounge around in our pj’s and watch a movie.

What are you planning to do?  If you haven’t made up your mind yet, here’s what advises are the top four gift ideas for this Valentine’s Day:

  1. Heartfelt and Homemade – Nearly 40% of those polled plan on thinking outside the box this year and will be making their own gifts, or will look for something that has sentimental value for their significant Other.  What about a photo gift? Or breakfast in bed?
  2. Classic – It’s no surprise their poll found that 28% of people plan to purchase classic gifts like flowers and chocolate.  There are tons of places offering discounts on roses and flowers right now.  I would LOVE flowers and a box of Malley’s chocolate-covered strawberries.  Hint, hint.
  3. Extravagant – The poll found that 23% want to make a big impression on their Valentine and plan on purchasing something extravagant like jewelry or a trip.  I have a “mother’s ring”….I keep thinking about creating a “father’s ring” for my husband.  I think if it’s done right, he would love it.
  4. Gadgets – Electronic devices like iPads came in at the bottom of the poll with 12% of the vote.  While these kinds of things aren’t the most romantic gifts, they can often be useful ones.  I know my hubby would love a Garmin.  Otherwise, that’s about it gadget-wise.  In all honesty, I’m sometimes surprised he can work his iPhone.  Sorry, honey.

Don’t forget to tell your other half how much you love them every day.  It’s important.  And Valentine’s Day is an extra moment we can show them- even if it’s just something small – how much they mean to us. Let the gift-giving begin!

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