Living "Screen Free" for a week

By Jen Monroe

I read recently, that some elementary schools have their students make a pledge to stay “Screen Free” for one week, meaning no TV, Computers, Video Games or games on cell phones for one whole week.  It then prompted me to think about what I would do with all of my free time if I too, lived screen free for a week (which is obviously not possible, since my job is on a computer… but hypothetically speaking).

My ideal week if I were “Screen Free”

– Spend as much quality time with my dog as she’d allow. Since she’s a pug, her walks are fairly short, so I’d take her on TONS of short walks
– I’d pencil in time to get out on my bicycle, play some tennis and a few rounds of golf for sure
– I’d spend a day hitting up an outlet mall—who doesn’t love shopping and the outdoors combined!?
– I’d spend some time sketching or painting—with my busy schedule these days, I rarely find time for it.
– CLEANING, CLEANING, CLEANING! Not that it’s the most exciting to do when you have free time, but if you were completely unplugged, I’d imagine you’d be able to accomplish a lot of deep cleaning and organizing
– Spend some quality unplugged time with my family  & friends—dinner, drinks, walks—whatever suits us

So that’s what I’d try and pencil in if I spent a week completely unplugged… what would you do? What are you going to do to try and make some of these things on this list a reality?

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