Me vs My Age

By Cathy Thurber

Getting old SUCKS.  Things just don’t work the same, even when I expect them to.  Case in point, a few weeks ago I was playing a softball game with my co-ed team when I had a wonderful hit out to left field.  Three steps into my dash to first base I felt a “pop” in my left leg and couldn’t do any more than hop the rest of the way to the bag (I was still safe, by the way……that’s all that counts).  Here what I thought was a pulled muscle ended up being a torn calf muscle.  NOT FUN.

Of course, the first thing my darling husband said when I sat down on the bench was, “This is why old people don’t play young people sports.”  Well, that was after he scolded me for not stretching prior to the game and not drinking enough water (I’m always dehydrated it seems).  So, here’s a note to all you other “old” people playing sports:  STRETCH before your game.  I know you still feel like you’re 17 when you’re playing the game, but in truth….you’re not.  Even though you’re keeping up with those 20 year-olds, your body is just waiting to remind you that you are a few decades older.  And, just so I make my husband (and a few friends) happy, I must remind everyone to stay hydrated.   How else are those muscles going to keep up with your young-at-heart attitude?  BUT……don’t stop!  Don’t ever stop playing the games that make you feel young.  Keep yourself as healthy as possible so that you can continue to enjoy your inner child.  You’re only as old as you think you are!!  And, even with a gimpy leg, I feel I’m still in my early twenties.  At least, that’s what I tell myself!

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