We'll miss you, Jean

by Cathy Thurber

Soon – very soon – a good friend of mine will be leaving to go back home.  Jean is, in fact, a good friend to most of us here at IEA.  While I will truly miss her every day, I’m so happy for her that she’s made this choice for herself.  Not to mention, I now have a reason to visit Belize!  In honor of all the time she’s spent here with us, I’d like to list the top five things Jean’s said that has caused quite a bit of laughter.  You never know what’s going to come out of that girl’s mouth.

Jean’s Top Five Funnies:

  1. What’s a chicklet?
  2. Mammals are marsupials!
  3. What are conjugal visits?
  4. Is that Masteroni soup? (instead of minestrone)
  5. Are you still there, Jesus? (when talking to one of our agents)

And, of course, there’s always Amy’s binder, which was named Amy’s Sheet Cheats (instead of Amy’s Cheat Sheets).  I know everyone has some kind of Jean story or saying!

Jean, we sure will miss your funny statements and questions!  Have a safe trip home and good luck in all your future endeavors.  We know you’ll work hard and have fun, no matter what you do!  And hey, Jack…..first rule of moving home – don’t forget to call your old friends.

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