Staying True to You


It’s February in Cleveland.  I try to make myself feel better about that by telling myself spring is right around the corner.  Sure, spring in Cleveland is more like “Extended Winter” or “Winter #3” (not to be mistaken with “Pre-Winter,” or “Winter #1,” which occurs in October/November or “Winter #2,” which is December/January) but still, we can dream, right?  So, I think of spring: green buds on trees, flowers poking through the frozen ground, and Indians pre-season baseball.  It’s all a new beginning.

In keeping in the spirit of new beginnings and a new year, I think it’s good to take a look at who you are.  Remind yourself of who you want to be, where you want to go.  Most importantly, question if you’re staying true to yourself.  Don’t ignore those things that make you who you are and will take you where you want to be, even if they differ from what others tell you.

Here are a few ways to help stay true blue to good old you:

  1. Be yourself. Seems obvious, doesn’t it?  But it can be hard at times.  You may not choose the path everyone else does and there will be doubters and naysayers.  Don’t be afraid to be honest with yourself – your instincts will usually lead you in the right direction.
  2. Don’t fret over those mistakes. What is that old adage?  Better to have tried and failed then not tried at all?  It’s true.  You can miss out on so much if you make one mistake and then refuse to try again.  I’m talking to all you perfectionists out there….you know who you are.  We all make mistakes at one time or another.  Forgive yourself for it and move on.
  3. Keep your friends close. Those special friendships are so fulfilling.  It could be a person you’ve known and loved for a long time, or even a new friend that feels like a soul mate.  True friends won’t let you be anybody but yourself, whether you’re laughing, crying, or singing “Don’t Stop Believing” at the top of your lungs.
  4. Be responsible for your life and what you want to do with it. See where you want to go and work on making it happen.  It could be something related to your job, an inclination to create a piece of art, helping Habitat for Humanity build a house, or even begin a new healthy lifestyle.  Either way: own it.  It’s yours to do however you want to do it.
  5. Never, ever, forget where you came from. Some of us don’t like where we started out and that’s ok.  The point is to remember where you began and be humble about where you’ve ended up or even where you’re going.  We are what we make of ourselves, but we still have roots that our values are tied to.

I’m reminded of a favorite poem when I think about staying true to myself:

“Two roads diverged in a wood, and I – I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference” – Robert Frost

Take the road less traveled if that is where you are led.  And in all things, just be authentic.  Be you.

cathyCathy Thurber has over 10 years’ experience in the insurance industry and likes to think she’s learned a few things along the way, one of which being to not take herself too seriously.  She would love to say she has as many cool expertise’s as her fellow blogger, Ken Kukral, but she’s just not as old as him.  Cathy is a voracious reader and a total word nerd.  Most importantly, she’s been married to her favorite person for almost twenty years and has two kids that she actually likes.  However, the dog is her favorite child and she’s been wheedling for a cat for years.  Perhaps this is the lucky year?

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