10 Celebrities Who Have Insured their Body Parts

2014 MTV Video Music Awards - Arrivals

Celebrities insuring their most valuable assets is not an uncommon thing. Taylor Swift being the most recent to take out a policy on a body part… $40 million for her legs. Here are some other celebrities who have gotten insurance for their miscellaneous money makers!


Keith Richards: $1.6 Million for his hands

America Ferrara: $10 Million dollar smile

David Beckham: $70 Million dollars on his legs

Jennifer Lopez: $300 Million for her booty

Troy Polamalu: $1 Million for his hair

Gene Simmons: $1 Million for his tongue

Julia Roberts: $30 Million dollar Smile

Bruce Springsteen: $6 Million dollars for his voice

Mariah Carey: $1 BILLION dollars for her legs

jenJen Monroe serves as the International Excess Marketing Director (duties include but not limited to: Graphic Design, Web Design, Marketing and Social Media, as well as part time blogger). Jen has a love for all things art, Cleveland sports (Go Cavs!), New Kids on the Block, pugs (specifically her smiley pup, Joss) and fat cat, Delonte. Oh, and french fries– you gotta’ love french fries. 

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