Giving Back

“We make a living by what we do…..we make a life by what we give.”  – Winston Churchill


I like to think that IEA is filled with a bunch of caring, giving people.  We are a charitable company.  Truly, I think that is a genuine observation.  More than likely your company is, too.

At Christmas we had a few different things we did to help out the community or specific people and foundations.  A family in need received some assistance during the holiday season.  The company donated to the Wounded Warrior Project and the Leprechaun Foundation (who provide gifts/wishes to terminally ill children).  Our employees and owners also came together to send a large contribution to Rescue Village (a no-kill shelter) and we provided 1,200 pounds of food to The Hunger Network of Greater Cleveland.

Why do we do this?  Because good deeds benefit the souls of both the individual and the company.   It’s important for the company to give back to the community, for many reasons.  When we help others, the community tends to return that support to our business.   We become more recognized in the community.  It is always good to be regarded in a positive light; after all, respect is a tangible thing for a business.  Also, when the business contributes to the community, many times it helps motivate the employees to participate.  If you let the employees help decide where to donate then they are highly likely to become involved.  Give to those ideas you believe in, both as individuals and a company.  And hey, you can always look at it as another networking opportunity, if there’s really a need to justify it!

Giving back is important.  What does your company do to give back to the community?


If you would like to donate to any of the organizations above, here are their links:             

cathyCathy Thurber has over 10 years’ experience in the insurance industry and likes to think she’s learned a few things along the way, one of which being to not take herself too seriously.  She would love to say she has as many cool expertise’s as her fellow blogger, Ken Kukral, but she’s just not as old as him.  Cathy is a voracious reader and a total word nerd.  Most importantly, she’s been married to her favorite person for almost twenty years and has two kids that she actually likes.  However, the dog is her favorite child and she’s been wheedling for a cat for years.  Perhaps this is the lucky year?

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